Protesting during a Pandemic: Twelve Infection Control Measures

  2. Try to socially distance and keep 2m apart from others in the protest. Do not make physical contact with others
  3. Avoid taking public transport to and from the protest
  4. Wear a mask/ face covering
  5. Use hand sanitiser regularly
  6. Avoid touching your face
  7. When you return home, remove all of your outer clothing (coat, hat, bags etc.) and place them in a bin bag for 72 hours- any virus material shouldn’t be able to survive this long outside a living host and your stuff will be fine to use
  8. Wipe down anything you handled during the protest using alcohol-based wipes e.g. mobile phones, cameras, credit/ travel card
  9. Wash your hands as soon as you return home for at least 20 seconds
  10. Wash the clothes you wore to the protest on a hot wash as soon as you take them off (If you want to be extra cautious, have a shower and change clothes when you return and wash the clothes then)
  11. Ideally, self-isolate for up to 14 days if you have breached social distancing guidelines even if you do not know if you have been in contact with a COVID positive person
  12. Do not visit anyone who is immunocompromised (e.g. the elderly or those who have been shielding) after having attended

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My name is Coco Huggins, Editor-In-Chief of The Geographer Journalist and a postgraduate scholar in Geography at The University of Cambridge. Our site aims to publish personal commentaries, articles, essays and artwork from young people across the UK and around the world focusing on a range of issues affecting society today.

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